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Randi's Little Man Baby Shower

This is my beautiful cousin Randi! Two of her friends, Crystal and Richelle, and I threw her a "Little Man" themed baby shower in March.

The Invites

Randis baby shower invite blurred for blog 
I made the invitations on Picmonkey and printed them at Walmart.


The tables at the shower
Crystal made the awesome centerpieces!
59733_665627122842_1537517242_n 386182_665627033022_1602002867_n 601278_665627152782_692552793_n
How cute are these mini diaper cakes topped with cake pops?!
Appliquéd onesies, diaper notes, baby name suggestion box, blanket cupcakes, and chocolates
I appliquéd the onesies  using Heat n' Bold Ultrahold and my Cricut Expression. I found the tutorial on everyday celebrations. I am so happy with how they turned out!
100_0861          100_0860 100_0862
And I can’t resist throwing in a picture of Baby K, age 3 months, rocking my favorite one:
SC20130826-105828 (2)
A photo booth backdrop doubles as decor.
Gift and guest book table.
We had guests sign this children's book. 
The poem reads: 
“In honor of Randi and little Baby K, 
Please find a spot to sign this book, 
A keepsake from their special day!”


On the Menu:
  • BBQ Chicken “MAN”wiches
  • Bow Tie Pasta Salad
  • Apple of Mom’s Eye Fruit Salad
  • Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails (Tortilla Pinwheels, Veggie tray, Pickle Wraps)
We also served Lime Sherbet Punch
wet your whiskers100_0806 

Fun & Games

We had several activities for the shower.
The Clothespin Game: Each guest starts out wearing 2 clothes pins on their sleeve. Throughout the shower, no one is allowed to say “hospital” or “baby.”  If a guest hears another person say one of the taboo words, they can steal a clothespin from that person. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins the game.
Name That ‘Stache: In keeping with the theme of our party, guests had to identify the owners of the 10 mustaches pictured above. This was a fun game! (After testing the game out on my husband and my brother, I was afraid the game would be too easy, so I included a picture of Randi’s dad’s mustache to throw people off. It worked :] )
Name Suggestion Box: At the time of the shower, the soon-to-be parents hadn’t decided on a name yet. Each guest was asked to fill out a card with name suggestions for Randi to name Baby K. Richelle brought the cutest box for guests to drop the cards into.
100_0815 100_0814
My Water Broke!: Each guest receives one ice cube with a plastic baby inside to put in their drink. Whoever’s baby floats first and yells, “My water broke!” wins the game.
Encouraging Diaper Notes: We asked each guest to write an encouraging or funny note on a diaper with sharpie marker. Something entertaining for the new parents while on diaper duty!
Photo Booth: After Randi finished opening gifts, guests had fun getting their photo taken with fake mustaches and other manly props. Crystal brought her camera and tripod and took pictures.


We asked guests to bring a book instead of a card to get Baby K’s book collection started.
Dad-to-be is Irish :)
734606_665628589902_1783072499_n 100_0838
Randi’s mom made these bibs and burp rags:
My mom, grandma, and I put all our gifts for Randi in a “Welcome Wagon”:

Photo Booth Fun

62761_665629328422_1359055738_n 3511_665629233612_229328363_n
485914_665629283512_1672127609_nCrystal, Debbie, Randi, Richelle, and Me
31464_665629178722_1988768504_n 269252_665629408262_963525061_n 486116_665629043992_1786427702_n 582443_665629572932_626943217_n 69864_665629014052_1112094825_n 164400_665629622832_117723835_n 484812_665629428222_1268966747_n 482331_665629533012_866998980_n 166762_665629453172_585985265_n 549163_665629493092_1327678986_n 320113_665629697682_425944803_n 386181_665630281512_385459593_n  483671_665629203672_1980313014_n 577900_665629063952_1666802033_n 602018_665629088902_1675613005_n 578433_665629148782_871622798_n 580481_665629218642_1075488269_n   598744_665629742592_836240022_n 600270_665629363352_591543734_n 601439_665629797482_1370502248_n 601270_665629677722_1369451714_n 734563_665629657762_373086567_n 602140_665629547982_2069760951_n 734130_665629098882_837203413_n 734268_665629782512_137240553_n 734565_665630002072_1494669789_n 386_665628125832_2122339967_n 313773_665627227632_1898462510_n 602842_665627212662_1703387753_n
Randi and Dave!

Everyone had so much fun with the photo booth, and I think the whole shower was a success. Special thanks to the other hosts, Crystal and Richelle, my mom for making the BBQ chicken, my husband for helping transport everything and set up tables, everyone else who helped out, and the guests for coming of course!
*Photo credit: Crystal took most of the photos in this post!

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